Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is a technique of using mental imagery to help reach your goals. Guided Imagery and hypnotherapy are not limited to only physical problems or physical health issues but are commonly used for emotional healing. Both are useful in resolving a wide variety of mind/body challenges or concerns.

Guided Imagery is a natural process that uses the imagination as a way to reduce stress and to support healing. Guided Imagery has been shown to reduce the experience of stress, actual feelings of pain, and symptoms of anxiety in people. Best of all, there are no known side effects. Creative visualization is what we are talking about.

Learning to focus your mind in a calm, quiet, and restful way can give a greater sense of self control and may help you manage any stress you may be feeling. Using Guided Imagery promises no specific results. With a calm mind, many people can achieve favorable results, such as decreased pain, decreased nausea, better sleep patterns, and a greater sense of comfort and well being.

In our sessions we will use words to paint a picture that you are desiring, that can help you relax and release your stress. Your role is only to relax, hear what the practitioner says and follow with your focused attention. When the session is finished the practitioner will verbally bring you back to an alert and awakened state. There are no secrets or hidden commands during your session. The Guided Imagery experience leaves people feeling relaxed, at peace, and refreshed.

The more you practice Guided Imagery the better your life becomes. Your imagination is one of your greatest gifts. Visualization is a very powerful goal setting tool where you are able to discuss and imagine the very goals you desire.

Our imagination is stronger than willpower. In medical studies, brain scans of patients who follow the practice of Guided Imagery show that visualizing an activity promotes the same brain activity as actually performing the activity. This provides strong evidence that utilizing visualization helps improve health and creates Optimal Wellness in all areas of your life.