Life Coaching

Life coaching is a process where you are guided by an objective coach who is invested in your success, whatever that success may be. Many people think that they can discuss their goals with their spouse or friends and receive the same results, this is not so. Many times the people closest to you are invested in your life and they may have either conflicting advice, or unknown agendas that may conflict with what you would like to do. By having an objective life coach, you are able to have someone to directly help you with your goals, your coach will use a variety of coaching techniques such as active listening, holding the space, goal planning, encouragement, accountability, direct feedback, brainstorming, and more in order to unlock the goals that you would like to manifest for yourself. Understand though that coaching is an art form, and that every single client is unique and requires a particular coaching approach. A “one size fits all” isn’t going to get you where you want to go. A good coach will custom tailor the coaching process around you and your unique needs, your specific goals, and your abilities.

The entirety of the coaching process is based on results. Getting you to where you want to be quicker and more efficiently so you could manage on your own. Will a coach guarantee results in a specific timeframe? No; each individual client is different (accountability and change takes time). However, for some quick statistics on the results of coaching:

“99% of individuals who have had a life coach report that it was helpful for them, with 95% of those reporting that it’s been very helpful for them.  In all, 96% reported that they would engage in coaching services again.” – ICF 2009 Global Coaching Client Study

“Coaching helps people in three ways:  First, no one gets listened to in life.  A coach does listen and allows leaders to reflect about their decisions, and about themselves.  Second, people usually avoid difficult truths.  Coaching brings reality front and center.  Third, people don’t know how to change.  A coach can guide a client to find replacements for behavior that’s not working.” – 2014 Sherpa Coaching Report

“One of the big benefits of a coach is that they aren’t tied to the organization, your friends, or anyone else.  They are tied to you only, so they support what you want and where you want to go.  The perspectives they provide, the alternatives discussed, and everything else has no agenda except to support the client.” – Harvard Business School

Working with us will create incredible results in your life, career, and relationships! You’ll be able to:

    • Identify the kinds of thoughts that work against you, keeping you stuck or complacent where you are now.
    • Create new patterns of thinking about what’s possible for you.
    • Reconnect to who you really are, deep down, and bring that person out to meet the world!
    • Choose a “second half” career that fulfills you and gives you power and spark!
    • Heal old relationship wounds once and for all, and stop repeating them over and over.
    • Create the kind of legacy that makes a positive impact on the world.
    • Reclaim your power and spark, and get back the feelings of optimism you used to have about your life, career, and relationships!

Life coaching puts your wishes, desires, and goals in the driver’s seat. It helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be. The coach does not place their values on you since your values are the only ones that matter in coaching.  The coach will not try to “convince” you to do anything, since you know your life best.  What the coach will do is support what works best for you, and what you need to do in order to achieve a better life for yourself.  This could be a better career, a better relationship, or even a better sense of self and purpose.  You may already know what needs to be done, and a coach can help you clarify and actualize it with accountability.

No matter what your goal is, or what your needs are, you are the one in control of your life coaching. We are here to support you!